Design Process


The Process of Designing a Custom Home

We believe that each home should be specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. The architectural diversity developed from our work at the request of our clients keeps our interest and understanding of the latest in design styles, preferences and details while creating a basis for continued personal growth and mutual satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Property

First and foremost, you must have chosen the piece of property that you are excited about and ready to build your new home on. You will need a topographical survey of this property which will prove helpful throughout the entire building process.

Listening to Your Needs, Desires and Budget

Once you have chosen a custom home designer/architect, a meeting will be set up to discuss your needs, desires and budget. Shortly after this meeting, we spend time on your property to get a good sense of what it offers. All property has positive as well as negative concerns to be addressed for consideration during this initial design phase.

Generating Concept Ideas

We will then compile all of the notes taken during our meeting, our thoughts and design ideas noted during the property visitations and our meetings and begin to generate concept ideas. All initial designs are hand-sketched as we feel it is much less confining and more effective to design by hand than it is to do so by computer.

Moving Forward with ACAD Drawings

From the initial design sketches, we then begin the process of laying out the design in AutoCAD allowing us to further refine and develop the ideas generated earlier. This phase allows us the opportunity to refine the design further as we move on to the final engineered documents.

Timeline for Designing Custom Home Plans

The time frame of this process varies on the client. We would be happy to discuss this further as individual clients may have specific time frames they are trying to meet.

"The team at The WhiteHouse Collection not only met our highest expectations, they exceeded them!! Candace and Rick are incredibly passionate and professional. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your finished product."

– M. Brink