Choosing a Home Designer


Things to Consider When Choosing a Custom Home Designer:

  • How long has the designer/architect been in business?
  • Is the person you are sharing your desires with about your new home, the same person who will be designing and drawing your home?
  • Are you forced to use a certain builder(s) with this designer/architect?
  • Will this designer/architect allow your house to be designed the way you want to see it or will they direct you into making decisions that you are uncomfortable with so that the plan can be sold again in a plan book?
  • Are property visitations during the construction process part of what you’re paying for?
  • What are the costs and procedures for any changes once the building process has begun?
  • If your builder has questions or problems during the building process what is the availability and priority of this designer/architect for resolving some of these concerns?
  • Is this designer/architect familiar with the costs of the construction process?
  • Will your construction drawings be complete and will they meet the needs of individual counties or cities for plan review/approval?

Being involved in designing someone’s dream home is a very personal process and one that should be taken very seriously. We recommend interviewing several custom home designers/architects as everyone involved will be working closely throughout this process.

"We consider the design process to be like a “marriage” – it should be satisfying, gratifying and most of all a fun process. Meeting a client’s budget as well as their design expectations should be a high priority for whomever you decide to hire for this process."

– Rick White