"Rick and Candace make an exceptional team that help take a lot of the stress out of building a new custom home.

Rick was able to capture our vision for a new dream home in one meeting. It was fascinating to watch that vision come to life in sketches right before our eyes. Those sketches were quickly followed by professional design drawings and construction plans that answered every question before it was asked.

Candace worked with us to make that house a home with an interior design that reflects our tastes and preferences. Her experience and attention to detail is amazing and a perfect complement to Rick's design.

Watching these two work together as the projects unfolds is impressive."

~ Stan & Jeanie


"Being introduced to Candace and Rick on day one of our new home journey simply turned out to be the best thing to happen. They provided a complete turnkey design service from initial concept planning through to the last final interior detail.

Each is optimistic, positive, confident, creative, and eminently qualified. Their individual and collective experience, expertise, and efficiency leading you through a myriad of details and decisions is uncanny. They make the process fun when it could easily become overwhelming and stressful!

There is no better team of design professionals to have on your team as you design and build the home of your dreams!

~ Rick & Pam


"We purchased our 2006 Street of Dreams home in 2010.

For the past few years, we have known a refresh of the interior was needed, but were really concerned about losing the "soul" of this magnificent house. Doug and I didn't feel confident that we could trust a designer to understand the uniqueness of this house nor our particular style. We did not want a cookie cutter paint-it-white  "Houzz" approach that seems to be favored by so many of the designers.

Candace White was recommended to us by the owner of the hardwood floor company after we decided that we couldn't JUST select a hardwood without considering the other elements that would be affected. It was serendipity! Her husband was actually the architect of this home! We were a perfect match!

We are now in about month 3 of our process and it has been a delight to work with her! Right off the bat she drilled down on some of the quotes we had received (prior to her coming aboard)  and spotted overcharges to the tune of about $14,000. Plus she is so well respected and genuinely loved by the contractors that she gets things done!  The contractors she has recommended have been top quality!

Doug and I just could not have done this without her.  No joke. Our home is being transformed and refreshed without losing our style and the house's integrity in the process."

~ Doug and Julie Allred


"Working with Rick, is the best money we have ever spent. The project would have never gone forward without Rick’s attention to detail and experience. His ability to listen to your wants and needs and incorporate his expertise of design to create a house you could only dream of, is his specialty. He continues to be involved in the project all the way to the end making sure the home exceeds all expectations. He is the absolute best there is!!!”

~ The Morneaults


“If Rick White hasn’t designed it, I’m not interested in building it.”

~ Don Schollander, Schollander Development


“Rick magically incorporated all the elements we most desired in a home plan for functionality, aesthetics and our individual needs. His expertise and vision captured the full potential of our building site as he took into account topography, natural light, foliage and views.”

~ The Pierson Family (2005 Street of Dreams)


“It was truly a pleasure to work with you Rick in designing our home.  You listened to what we wanted and incorporated our desires into a home that perfectly fit our needs.  We had a difficult lot and your design perfectly placed our home on the property giving us the best view for enjoying the backyard and waterfalls.”

~ Paul & Dawn Lattin


“Thank you and your team for your efforts and superior design capabilities! The house is very special with its multiple special touches and nuances. We appreciate your cheerful approach and your ability to make the process fun!”

~ Don & Karyn Bielen


“The team at the WhiteHouse Collection not only met our highest expectations they exceeded them!! Candace and Rick are incredibly passionate and professional. They will go above and beyond to make sure you are completely satisfied with your finished product. When we entered into the project we had an idea of what we wanted but Rick and Candace opened our eyes to what our remodel could ultimately look like. We are so happy we trusted them to lead us through the process.”

~ M. Brink


“We hired Rick White to create blue prints for a custom designed home we had envisioned. He took our sketches and made them come to life! After meeting Candace White, we knew we needed to use her interior design services during construction. Rick and Candace have worked as a team to help us create a new custom built home like nothing we could have imagined. They worked with our builder to made design choices, select materials, influence contractors work on the project etc. the home is turning out better than we could have ever imagines and with 1-month to go. I am so glad to have them working with and for us! They are wonderful and have made the difference between good and fabulous!”

~ Jeanine March


“The house is amazing and truly stands out from all other homes there. It’s actually pretty amazing how much of a difference a custom plan like yours is compared to all the other nice, yet very basic-looking homes.”

~ Jack Phan, Home Owner


“I have to tell you that I am so grateful to work with you. I am continually amazed at your design talent and way out of the box creativity, not to mention how fun you are to work with. It’s a real joy!”

~ Bryan Noffz, Monogram Custom Homes